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How To Live a Gossip Girl Life!


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19.Gossip Girl Life

What is Gossip Girl?

     To be quite honest with you, if you don't know what Gossip Girl is you deserve to be shot. And I'm not joking. Why on earth would you be reading a guide to living your life like a Gossip Girl would if you don't even know what it is? But, just to cover myself, or as a refresher to those who haven't seen or read Gossip Girl in a while, I'll let you in on what, exactly, Gossip Girl is!

      Gossip Girl is a teen television series, adapted from the books by Cecily von Ziegesar. The series revolves around the lives of privileged teenagers attending an elite private school on Manhattan's Upper East Side in New York City and is narrated by the omnipresent Gossip Girl blogger, who updates her website with all the hot gossip that is told to her or that she hears throughout the series.


     The first few episodes of the first season included the original concept from the books, mainly following the lives of the five teenage characters in their high school years.

Serena van der Woodsen is often described as the 'it girl'. It is revealed that she has had a scandalous past, that continues to haunt her, she is known for her many off-again relationships with the male characters and is known for rebellious drive outs.
Dan Humphrey, an outsider who becomes a part of the turbulent Manhattan scene, an aspiring writer and fairly straight-arrow guy with a good heart and morals.
Blair Waldorf is a beautiful Queen Bee of the Constance Billard School's social scene, as well as Serena's best friend and occasional rival.
Nate Archibald is the perfect "Golden Boy" of the Upper East Side, always being fought over by the prominent female characters.
Chuck Bass serves as the show's antihero, being a womanizer and party lover with a troubled life and past that provide a hidden vulnerable side.

Beside the five regulars mentioned above, three more characters appeared in the pilot episode.

Jenny Humphrey is Dan's younger sister, who desperately tries to become the next Queen Bee, a goal that makes her realize the true values of life.
Lily van der Woodsen and Dan's father Rufus Humphrey, who share a romantic past that follows them throughout the show, and eventually leads to marriage. Jenny then becomes a regular on the show, despite being younger than the others. The Humphrey family is centered upon as they explore life on the 'Upper East side', Dan trying to look after his little sister as she discovers the party scene.

Vanessa Abrams, enters the show in its first season as Dan's past love, and becomes a series regular.
Eric van der Woodsen, Serena's kind and compassionate brother, who comes out early in the first season and becomes very close with Jenny.
Georgina Sparks is an occasional antagonist in the show, with a recurring role.

Many characters appear as guest stars as parents and other relatives of the main cast.

Eleanor Waldorf-Rose and Harold Waldorf appeared as Blair's divorced parents, with Cyrus Rose as Eleanor's husband and Blair's stepfather. Dorota Kishlovsky is Blair's loyal maid.
Anne Archibald and Howard "The Captain" Archibald are Nate's estranged parents, while William van der Bilt I and William "Tripp" van der Bilt III are Nate's manipulative grandfather and cousin, respectively.
Bartholomew "Bart" Bass is Lily's late ex-husband and Chuck's demanding father, and Jack Bass is Bart's brother and Chuck's uncle.
Celia "CeCe" Rhodes is Serena's manipulative grandmother.

The Gossip Girl Blog

      Both the book and the television drama centre around a mysterious blogger who, seemingly, sees everything. The book includes excerpts of her website with all the latest gossip posted on it, while the television series enlists the blogger as the narrator, spilling the gossip in a voice-over. She signs on and off, in her blog and as the narrator, with "You know you love me, XoXo," and this has become Gossip Girl's trademark signature.
No-one knows who the blogger, known as Gossip Girl, is, but everyone is aware of the blog and all the main characters find out much unpleasant news via Gossip Girl's blog. Aside from learning the gossip via the blog, all the main characters have texted/emailed in their own juicy gossip to Gossip Girl; for revenge, satisfaction, friendship or love.

      Excerpt from the online blog;

June 27th, 2008

Spotted: D at a Starbucks on the UWS chatting with a cute barista.  Or was he flirting?  We doubt D even knows what that is.  Little J on her day off in Central Park reading a book called, get this, The Intern Files.  I do not lie.  S and her little bro E picking up takeout from Della Femina.  The two were chatting about E's favorite new summer show: Celebrity Circus.  S was confused.  N bike riding down Main Street, wind in his face, hair blowing, hot!  C was spotted dining at Alison's in Bridgehampton with a pretty blonde.  They were sharing a few appetizers.  Ugh, but what about B?!  Well don't feel too bad for her.  B was spotted at La Giostra in Florence with her mystery suitor.  Glad to see Chuck Bass didn't leave a bad taste in your mouth, B.

xo xo Gossip Girl"

      What Is This Guide For?

      This guide is written by and aimed at teenage girls in the age bracket 16-21. I will be writing about how to emulate the teenage girls of Gossip Girl, not the teenage guys, since I have no interest in being a teenage boy from Gossip Girl. The majority of guys I know have no real interest in Gossip Girl and find it to be a female targeted show, so I doubt that many will be reading this guide. But if you are a male and you are reading this, I apologise for the lack of in-depth tips on how to emulate the main male characters of Gossip Girl. On the off chance that males pick up this guide, I will include, at the end of the guide, a few tips on how to live a general Gossip Girl life, male or female.

      This guide is not just aimed at the wealthy and the elite, although the writer of this blog is one of them. There are many ideas/tips in here that can be achieved on a minimal budget, if you put your mind to it! I will include a mini-directory in the back of the guide with some links to websites that can help you become a Gossip Girl.

      In this guide I will take each female character and give in-depth tips on how to achieve their style, their dress, their make-up, their behaviour and more. With the males I will just provide a brief list and will not be going into in-depth tips on each male.

      You should keep this guide handy at all times. It will answer any questions you may have about how to behave, how to dress, where to shop, who to be friends with and will prove invaluable in your future yours emulating the elite.

      Good luck on your journey!

Gossip Girl

Serena van der Woodsen

     Serena van der Woodsen is one of the teenage elite, with plenty of money and the looks to match. But despite her flawless perfection and her inheritance, she's a pretty down to earth girl who tries to get along with everyone. One of the better girls from Gossip Girl to emulate, read on if yiu'd like to be her.

       Skin – Serena is the most gorgeous girl on the Upper East side, at least, and has flawless skin, perfectly tanned from those long holidays in the Caribbean. Now whilst many of you reading this cannot afford tanning holidays, and aren't the flawless angel that Serena is, you can still, with a little TLC, make your skin look better and help it on it's way to looking just like Serena's does.
1.If you have acne, go to your nearest drug store or, if you have one or have access to one, your dermatologist to get some moisturiser or cleanser to help clear up the problem. Serena would never be seen dead with a zit.
2.To make your skin as tanned as Serena's is, DO NOT use a tanning bed. This is so tacky, and unhealthy and not something Serena would do. Instead try a spray tan, much more natural and healthier or look in your nearest drug store for a self tanner (i.e. Johnsons, Vaseline) DO NOT overdo it, orange is NOT cool.
3.If you do have some noticeable zits and have to leave the house, poor you, use a colourless foundation (available in most drug stores in the make up section) and dab it on the zits. DO NOT put foundation on your whole face, it needs to breathe to get rid of the acne so only use a minimal amount

      Serena has the most gorgeous, pale, long blond hair, often described as "flaxen."
1.If you don't have Serena's long blond hair you may want to consider dying it a natural blond colour. I would suggest going to a professional for the dye job, but if you're one of those who can't afford that buy from a trusted dye company. Only get your hair trimmed and neatened up every six months. If you're a brunette, and want to stay that way, try some honey highlights, but keep it natural and light. DON'T overdo it.
2.Use a shampoo that matches your hair's needs; i.e. if you have oily hair, use a moisturising shampoo. Most brands have released shampoos and conditioners for different hair colours, or for colour treated hair too so always read the label when shopping for hair supplies to match it to your needs.
3.Serena's hair is straight, but not "stick" straight." In order to obtain this effect you will need a pair of straighteners and/or curlers. If you have naturally curly hair, just straighten the curly strands, if you have naturally straight hair, curl a few random strands. You want the "just rolled out of bed" look.

      Serena has an amazing figure, free of flab, toned and tall. She never exercises, eats what she wants and yet never gains an unwanted ounce. Now we all know, even I, that the majority of us don't have that luxury (and we curse those that do) and so need some tips to help us get Serena's figure.
1.Exercising is important. I know you've heard it time and time again, but it really is the best way to lose the flab! If you're not a fan of running, hitting the gym etc try pilate or yoga. They're gentler forms of exercise and help ease stress. You may well want to consider a gym pass though, since so many of the elite have them and use them frequently.
2.Eat healthily. Cut out all your sugary snacks, loaded with calories, and swap them for healthy fruit or salads. If you don't have a cook to prepare food for you, you can easily make yourself a salad or a fruit smoothie to take to class with you. Drink lots of water and squash, instead of sugary, pop drinks. They detox your body and don't have all the calories of pop.
3.If you're short and are past the growing stage (18-20 approx) try a pair of sexy killer heels to boost your height!

      Serena has perfectly shaped lips, not too thin nor are they too plump. If you're not as lucky as Serena with your lip size, as many of us aren't, here are some tips to help you achieve the look artificially.
1.A discreet line of lipliner helps your lips look plumper if they're quite thin. Make sure it matches the colour of your lipgloss/stick though!
2.Serena usually uses cherry chapstick on her lips, so try a natural or light colour on your own, or just use vaseline.
3.Serena has a perfect smile with flawless teeth. If you can afford it, an orthodontist will be able to straighten and whiten your teeth for you, but if you're not one of the lucky ones able to afford this service you can use lumineers (expensive but worth the cost!) or whitening strips. DON'T overdo the whitening strips though, you want it to look natural. And remember to brush your teeth and use mouth wash regularly; at least two times a day.

      Serena has huge, dark blue eyes with the thickest eyelashes that don't require any mascara. But as I've said before, we're not all that fortunate, so here are some tips to make your lashes and eyes look just like Serena's with little effort.
1.If you have small eyes, apply WHITE eyeliner on the inside corner of the eye.
2.If you have big eyes, apply a thin line of BLACK eyeliner on theupper lid, but make sure its discreet; Serena's look is very natural.
3.DON'T overdo the mascara; lumps are not attractive. Use a little brush on the bottom, and a larger one on the top. Apply two swipes on top, and one on the bottom.
4.Eyeshadow should complement your skin tone.

Some Final Tips

Serena has a signature scent, so experiment with different perfumes to match your personality. Keep it light and airy; heavy, musky perfume is not attractive.
Serena can pull off any piece of clothing in whatever situation she finds herself in. You should try to do the same. Fashion is a form of self-expression, and should be unique to you. Serena doesn't have a signature style, so there are no rules to follow, but here's a few things she likes to wear; crazy prints, her brothers shirts, grungy boarding school clothes and more.
Be fun and crazy! Serena was known as a party girl so make sure you go to lots of parties, dance until dawn, flirt with the hottest guys in the room and be the centre of attention.
Always be poised. Unlike Blair, Serena always keeps her cool and rarely lets her "claws" out. She prefers to rely on her best friend to "talk it out with."
BE HUMBLE. Serena is gorgeous, but she never recognises it, and this makes her even more gorgeous. Don't brag or boast about your appearance. If someone compliments you, thank them graciously, NEVER say "I know."
Always travel in a pack. Serena isn't afraid to be alone, but she's very rarely in that situation. Find yourself a bunch of friends you can hang out with after class.
BE CONFIDENT. This should be a rule no matter who you're trying to emulate. Confidence is the key to beauty.
Have a questionable past. This means not revealing everything about your past to strangers. It's okay to sometimes say; "I'd rather not go into that." Or words to that agenda.
Jenny Humphrey

      This page will be short. Jenny Humphrey is not the sort of person you want to emulate. She's clingy,needy and tries way too hard to be Blair. However there are a few things about Jenny that are good qualities in a person, otherwise she wouldn't have stayed in the series. She is also one of the few characters who doesn't come from money, and is a good role model  for those of you reading this who don't have a lot of money. So here a few tips on achieving a Jenny Humphrey attitude/style.

BE CONFIDENT. She's not afraid to make her own way in life, she's forges ahead through all the challenges thrown her way to pursue her dreams. Don't fear anything. Jenny stands up to the Blair wannabes in Season 2 and gives them a run for their money, without being a bitch.  
Have a dream. Or a few dreams, if you're that way inclined. Jenny knew from a young age what she wanted to do with her life, design clothes, and she made it happen.
If you're able to sew, try to create your own outfits. This is what Jenny does throughout the series, and some of her creations are almost exact designer replicas.
Shop in charity stores. I know they're not exactly "cool" but they have some really good deals, and you can find some really good outfits in there for a steal, if you get lucky.
Bright colours are a must in Jenny's wardrobe; Canary yellow, green and red. You'll rarely see her in muted/dark colours. So keep your wardrobe bright and happy!
Hats are a must have in Jenny's wardrobe also, and she's the only character to wear them frequents. She likes plaid, and always wears printed hats. Make sure they match the rest of your outfit, and DON'T wear them in Summer.
Short skirts are Jenny's weakness, due to her long, skinny legs. NOT so short we can see your bottom please. End the skirts just above the knee for a classy, yet sexy look. You can buy a whole range of mini-skirts, mini-dresses and more from most good clothing retailers, or you knock up your own! If you are not blessed with long, skinny legs match the skirt with a pair of tights to make your legs look skinnier.
Long jackets are a must have too. Trench or pea coats over a mini skirt is Jenny's signature style. Spend a little more money on the coat, as it'll last you quite a few seasons and will go with almost anything you wear!

Blair Waldorf

      Now we come to my idol, the girl I try to emulate. Blair Waldorf is queen bitch, queen bee and a true style icon. This may well be a very large section, since I know the most about Blair Waldorf, and how to be like her. So be prepared, and only read this information if you're prepared to make enemies, be talked about and emulate Blair in every way.

     How To Be Like Blair Waldorf

1.Blair is always top of her class, speaks fluent French and has numerous extra-curricular activities that she gets very involved in. Not all of us can be top of the class, or as smart as Blair but it's good to try, not just to emulate Blair but for our own selves too. Spend as much time as you are able on your studies, doing homework, studying for exams, and asking for help when needed. Try to get involved with at least one extra-curricular activity at your school if you have the time and devote yourself to it, it'll look good on your resume and when you apply at college. If you fail at your studies, although Blair rarely does, lock yourself in your room, feel sorry for yourself and watch Audrey Hepburn movies.
2.Be mean, and don't be afraid to be mean. You should spread rumours about people; if they're true that's even better, and freeze those who don't serve you or disobey you out. DON'T get into a public fight with someone, by confronting them for example. It's just desperate.
3.Do whatever you please, but DON'T embarrass yourself or your family. Feel free to get drunk, have sex, swear, but don't be seen puking or passing out in public, and don't swear at high society social events or in important interviews, i.e. for college. Be aware of your surroundings whatever you're doing.
4.Blair likes to play tennis; it's a great past-time and a brilliant way to lose some flab if you're trying to get that perfect figure. Just don't get TOO into it, it's only a hobby, it's not a career. Not for Blair at least.
5.Blair spends a lot of time tanning on a beach, often topless. Although many of us aren't comfortable with sunbathing topless, it's still good to get some natural tan on your body so try and get outdoors as much as possible.
6.Find a group that you can dominate, so you can be popular and Queen Bee. Be ruthless to get to the top.
7.Blair is a socialite, so make sure you take up all invitations offered to you and host lots of brilliant, talked about parties in your home/other venue. Blair is a huge fan of sleepovers, and hosts a big one once a year. It's hugely anticipated and only the best get invited. I'll go into details of how to host a sleepover like Blair later in the guide.
8.Blair always has a popular, sought after, sexy, preppy boyfriend; be it Chuck or Nate. Try to bag yourself one of these; bonus points if he's rich!
9.Always stretch out fights. Blair knows how to hold a grudge so don't be afraid to make the person work for your forgiveness. After all, everyone should be clamouring to be friends with you, so it shouldn't take long for them to apologise first.
10.Be a drama queen. This doesn't mean causing a scene in public, but make sure everyone knows when you're pissed off; by texting friends, posting it on Gossip Girl etc.
11.Be confident. Blair always knows she's right. And so should you. Assert your self confidence and no one will mess with you.
12.NEVER let yourself feel bored. If those feelings surface, these are some things Blair will do; call her boyfriend/friends, buy presents for the aforementioned, watch Audrey Hepburn movies, go shopping/travelling, get coffee with friends, read magazines (Blair's favourite is Vogue), take a bath with luxury products, see a movie. Try not to resort to watching television, but if there's no other choice then you may.
13.Blair goes on lots of nice vacations, it helps that her father has a house in France, but you can go on nice vacations too! NEVER camp, or stay in a trailer. Always stay in a hotel, at least a four star one. Somewhere on the coast or somewhere exotic is the best.
14.Always get what you want, no matter what it takes.
15.Choose a classy icon. Blair's are; Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
16.Blair is rarely ever on the computer, except to check Gossip Girl, I.M with her friends and check her emails, so try not to spend too much time on the p.c.
17.Get a close best friend who'll be at your beck and call. Preferably an equal, someone with the same income and friendship circle as you. Someone you can bitch about others with, someone to shop with and go to social events with. Blair has Serena; find yours.

How To Dress Like Blair Waldorf

      Unlike the other female Gossip Girl characters, Blair has a signature style; classic, preppy and polished. She always looks flawless, in whatever outfit she's wearing, in whatever situation she finds herself in. Her fashion sense is definitely an Upper-East-Side stereotype, but she's proud of it. Here are some tips to help you dress like Blair.

1.Blair NEVER wears jeans/trousers. She is all about the dresses and the skirts. This is easy to replicate, as numerous clothing retailers sell cute dresses and skirts. Blair matches her outfits with tights in winter, and bare legs in the summer. Ditch the jeans.
2.Tailored pieces are a necessity for Blair, due to attending an upscale private school. Her outfits should be school-uniform appropriate so she wears a lot of collared shirt, simple skirts and ties. This can be a good look if you attend an upscale school, or at high society events.
3.Blair always incorporates colour into her wardrobe in one way or another, i.e. orange leggings under her school uniform, a technicolour bag and more. She nevers wear block colour, like Jenny Humphrey, but one piece of coloured clothing is a must. Her favourite colours are; red, orange and yellow.
4.Blair manages to still look sexy when sleeping. She doesn't wear typical flannel pajamas to bed, instead she wears a designer negligee. You can find some cute negligees cheaply in charity stores or high street clothing retailers. When she's hanging out in the house, she doesn't wear sweats. She just throws a satin dressing gown on over her negligee, again these can be found in any good high street clothing retailer.
5.Girly details are very important to Blair, since she is a total girly-girl at heart. If you're not a huge fan of the girly-girl look, you're unlikely to want to be Blair Waldorf. Laces, bows and ruffles are a great touch to add to any outfit, and are great for formal events and parties.
6.One of Blair's signature hair accessories are her hundreds of headbands. Blair wears headbands of every kind of style. She often wears them with her hair down, but sometimes she pulls a headband over a sleek bun or ponytail. If you want to emulate her, buy yourself plenty of different, patterned, coloured headbands and wear a different one every day!
7.In the Winter months, you'll need a lot of tights to match with your dresses and skirts. Blair rocks every kind of tights imaginable; red, white, gray, black opaque, and more. You don't need to wear tights in the summer, Blair doesn't, but they're good to have for a cold day and to be prepared for Winter.
How To Look Like Blair Waldorf

      Blair is a brown eyed, brunette, and these tips will assume you are too, if you're trying to be Blair. But if you're not, and you don't have to be, you can adapt the following tips for your own hair colour and style.

1.Blair has three different styles; "stick" straight, mermaid waves or curly. As long as you have curling irons, straighteners or rollers you'll be able to achieve either of these looks. But make sure you use shampoo specifically designed for hair exposed to heat, and use heat protection cream beforehand. Blair would never have fried hair! You should part your hair on the side, and have side bangs to emulate her exactly. As mentioned before, gaudy headbands are a must, and the darker your hair, the brighter the colour.
2.Although Blair is not as lean as Serena van der Woodsen, she's still very thin. To achieve this, exercise regularly and eat healthily. You can follow magazine workouts, i.e. CosmoGirl, or do pilates, yoga and more. Do some research into what appeals most to you and take the plunge!
3.Blair uses minimal make up, like most of the Gossip Girl characters, so keep it discreet and natural. Use; liquid foundation, medium brown eyeshadow (only in the creases), dark brown eyeshadow (line the upper and lower lash lines), a sweep of light pink blush on the cheeks and a coral lipstick or clear lipgloss.

How To Have A Room Like Blair Waldorf

       Blair has a designer bedroom, with an en suite, a walk in wardrobe, and a fireplace, and this is something not many of us can achieve, because our bedroom's don't have or can't have these facilities. If you're one of the elite, I'm sure mummy or daddy can afford to have these installed for you, but if you're not one of the lucky ones, here are some tips that you can adapt for your budget to create a Blair-esque room!

1.Choose the perfect bed. If you already have one, convince your parent's it's old and needs replacing, unless it already emulates a Blair style bed. Blair goes for beds raised high off the ground so that the duvet can spill over the sides onto the floor. Dark wood is a must for the frame, and a white/off white duvet set is very Blair.
2.Choose a muted colour, dark or light; chocolately brown, white, black, for your room. Blair has Light blue/grey walls. Remember to choose a wall colour that you can match your accessories to!
3.A chandelier is the perfect Blair Waldorf touch! Nothing too big, but a medium size will do, preferably with hanging diamonds (fake ones if you can't afford the real thing) Pearls are an added bonus if you can find one with those on. This may be a little out of your price range though.
4.Have a fluffy, thick, white duvet (comforter) on your bed, with white sheets and pillows. Blair likes lots of satin; covers, throws, cushions. And she has a lot of cushions on her bed; at least five – two regular pillows to sleep on, these should match your sheets, two throw pillows with an elegant design on, and match the colour to the walls of your room.
5.Every upper east side princess needs a vanity (dressing table) You'll need a big mirror, and lots of drawers to store your cosmetics. You must also have a full length mirror, be it a stand alone one or a hanging one, to check out your beautiful outfits in.
6.You need to have plenty of accessories. Make sure you don't clutter your room, Blair always has plenty of floor space, and the room looks lived in yet empty at the same time. Chairs, sofa-beds, tables and more are a great way to accessorise a room. NEVER have blinds either, always curtains.
7.Have lots of fashion magazines lying around the room; Elle, Vanity Fair or InStyle. Or Blair's favourite; Vogue.
8.A jewellery box displaying all your favourite jewellery pieces is very Blair. Just make sure you have some jewellery pieces to show off first!
9.A framed black and white photograph of Audrey Hepburn, or your own icon, is a great Blair touch to your room.
10.Remember to keep your room CLEAN. Blair's room is never messy!
How To Throw A Sleepover Like Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorfs sleepovers are hosted annually and are one of the most talked about events of the year. Although you may not be able to have trundle beds with luscious satin sheets, and maids at your disposal, you can still host a brilliant sleepover with these tips.

1.Planning is everything. Make sure to plan well in advance. At least a month before, if not more. Cover all the details; food, films, activities, sleeping arrangements etc.
2.Clean everything and everywhere your guests are going to be/see, or have your maids do it if you're lucky enough. Make sure to clear away all clutter, hide everything you don't want people seeing, display everything you want people to see and hoover.
3.Sort out the sleeping arrangements, and set them up before hand if the space allows. If you're using mattresses, put nice sheets and duvets on, and lots of classy pillows and cushions. If you can, add tables in between the mattresses with lamps and glasses of water on, for the night; cover them with a cute table cloth. A bin is necessary, for sweet packets and other items. Mood lighting, i.e. fairy lights/lamps are a plus to create a relaxed atmosphere. Make sure the room looks natural, like nothing is out of place.
4.Only invite your BFFs. If you have room for more people, then look outside your inner circle, but invite your BFFs first. Make sure your friends can get to your house easily and know they're getting home.
5.Play dress up. Arrange make up, beauty products and glamorous clothes and costume jewellery on a table in your room and have everyone get all dressed up.
6.Make the food look decorative; cookies in glass jars, fruit in goblets, drinks in bottles, a punch bowl of non-alcoholic drink arranged on long tables. NEVER use paper cups. Hot cocoa is a must at the end of the night, serve on a special tray. All these items of the furniture can be obtained cheaply in furniture retailers or charity stores.
7.Blair sleepovers start around 7pm, with makeovers. They then move on to looking on Gossip Girl, you could share gossip and put it in a gossip book. Watch a movie, then do each others nails.
8.Make sure you have breakfast prepared for the morning. Nothing's worse than waking up and realizing you've forgotten breakfast.

How To Live A Gossip Girl Life

      As promised, this is the general section of the Gossip Girl guide. Males may find some advice in the following advice referring to style, attitude, looks and more if they are trying to live a life like the men in the Gossip Girl series. Females may find more tips here that haven't been covered in the above sections.

1.To live a Gossip Girl life, you need to be popular and talked about. You must be prepared to take some flak for the rumours that circulate about you but, in small amounts, rumours are innocent and fun. Make your life worthy to be talked about; do crazy things once in a while, go to lots of parties and get noticed. If you're starting to become last year's news, throw a party, get a new boyfriend; preferably a hot and rich one, or get into the newspaper/magazines.
2.Always look the part. Less than perfect looks are NOT acceptable. Take good care of yourself, your skin, your hair. Buy lots of products; moisturiser, shampoo, skin lotion etc. Get into a routine in the mornings and evenings to make your beauty regime easier. Make sure you hair is always how you want it; straight or curly, and you have the perfect, trendy, up to date clothes. Read magazines to find out what's happening in the fashion world, but make your own style too. Invest in some high-quality clothes to last you a while and to give you a designer look.
3.Be well-mannered, i.e. no burping, no swearing, no shouting in public. Always apologize, and thank people, be respectful to those around you, respect dress codes and don't drink too much at a party.
4.Go to lots of parties, social events, and even host one every now and then. It's fun, and it gets you noticed and talked about.
5.You should try to be on good terms with your parents, in order to avoid being grounded for every little wrongdoing you do. Earn their trust so you can get away with more, i.e. you never hear of Blair's parents grounding her for having sex/getting drunk.
6.Be confident. A good tip regardless of who you're trying to emulate. If you're feeling down, do something you enjoy to cheer yourself up and boost your self confidence, i.e. shopping.
7.Get a glamorous role model, like Blair has Audrey Hepburn. Find someone you admire and want to live like, or has qualities you admire. I doesn't have to be a real person, it can be a fictional character.
8.Be a good student. All the characters of Gossip Girl get top grades the majority of the time, and take part in lots of extra curriculars. Charity work is also important, as they help boost your chances of getting into college or getting a rewarding job.
9.Make sure you're fun to be around. No one is going to want to be friends with the depressed, boring type. Be energetic, full of good ideas and compliments, and everyone will flock to you.
10.Make sure you are up to date with fashion, events, news and gossip.
11.Enjoy the spotlight. Being a Gossip Girl is all about being the centre of attention and if you don't like it you won't survive long. So don't shy away from attention.
12.Be seductive, like Blair and Serena who are boy magnets. Learn to flirt, be self confident; guys love it. You can be mysterious, i.e. Blair, or exuberant, i.e. Serena.
13.Get a clique you can be the queen (or king) of. Find people who want to be told what to do, who aren't as confident as you and will accept your orders without a problem.
14.Stay mysterious. Keep your past hidden, or only reveal a little of it. Or you can tell a revamped version of something that happened in your past, to make you seem a little more interesting.
15.Don't be a goody-goody. Keep your naughty side for your peers, and your good side for your elders to maintain a good public image, whilst still being naughty.
16.Start up your own Gossip Girl website, keep yourself anonymous and post some gossip.
17.Be nice to the less fortunate, don't be bitchy or mean to the poor people, they're humans too. Help them improve themselves if you can, think of it as charity work.
18.Learn to deal with envy, many of your classmate's will find that you being the centre of attention bothers them and may fight back against you. Learn to take it graciously and eventually they'll get bored.
19.Get a real best friend to support you through fake friends, wars, malicious gossip etc. Fighting with her/him is natural, but don't make it constant or you'll drive her/him away.
A Gossip Girl Life Guide i wrote.
Intended for fun.
Comments appreciated.
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